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Finals Draws

Ladies Finals Draw
All finals are now complete

Mixed Finals Draw
Washed out grand finals to be completed on 1 June

Mens Finals Draw
Washed out C Grade 4 semi finals and washed out grand finals to be completed on 2 June

Washouts in finals

If a host Club declares their courts unplayable for finals, they can contact the competing teams and advise of a washout. The host club must then enter a match result online (they can use Washout 1, 2, 3 and 4 for player names) to notify the Associaiton of the washout.

If both teams turn up to the venue, and the teams agree to a washout, the higher finishing team should enter a match result online. 

Washed out finals will be completed at the same venue the following week.

For further details, see By-law 46.

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Important Dates

Players wanted for next season

If you are looking for a team for next season, check the list of Clubs needing players for Spring 2016.

If Clubs would like to post a notice about players needed for next season, email details to chairman@nsnta.org

NSNTA Golf Day

The NSNTA will be holding its second annual Golf Day on Sunday 25 September 2016. All NSNTA players are encouraged to enter. Further details are on the entry form. Entries close 16 September 2016.

Moomba Park Junior Tournament

Moomba Park will be holding a junior tournament from 8 to 10 July 2016. Enter online or download an entry form.

NSNTA Facebook Page

The NSNTA now has a Facebook Page. The page will be used to notify Clubs and players of important information about the competition. Clubs can also use the page to promote tournaments and open days. To receive these updates, simply "Like" our page.

Match results

It is the responsibility of the winning team to ensure match results are correct and complete. The winning team must ensure all players' names, including opposition players' names, have been recorded fully (first name and surname) and are legible before the result is signed. If a match result is submitted with any missing information the winning team will be fined.


Quick Contacts
Chairman - Match & Permit
(All competition matters)
Robert McDonald
Phone:  9304 1730 or 0403 508 443
Association Secretary
(Official correspondence)
Toni Cudmore
Phone:  0401 678 125

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