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  Teams   Teams  
  A Grade Strathmore (Red) vs West Brunswick  
    Buckley Park vs Hadfield  
  A Reserve 1 Airport West vs Sunbury (Black)  
    Sydenham vs Glencairn  
  A Reserve 2 Moomba Park vs Maribyrnong Park  
    West Brunswick vs Gladstone Park  
  B Special 1 Greenvale vs Royal Park  
    St Thereses vs Buckley Park (Black)  
  B Special 2 Royal Park vs Keilor East  
    Tullamarine vs St Monicas  
  B Special 3 Westmeadows vs Essendon (Black)  
    Merlynston vs Buckley Park  
  B Special 4 St Vincents vs Tullamarine  
    Sunbury vs Keilor  
  B Special 5 West Brunswick vs Keilor East  
    Royal Park vs Maribyrnong Park  
  B Special 6 Sunbury vs Taylors Lakes  
    Strathmore vs Maribyrnong Park  
  B Grade 1 Green Gully vs Deer Park  
    Keilor East vs Oak Park  
  B Grade 2 Mt Carmel vs Buckley Park  
    Hillside vs Essendon  
  B Grade 3 Maribyrnong Park vs St Vincents  
    North Park vs Hillside  
  B Grade 4 Moomba Park vs Keilor East  
    Tullamarine vs Essendon  
  B Grade 5 Delahey vs Hadfield  
    Sunbury vs North Park  
  B Reserve 1 Airport West vs Gladstone Park  
    Parkville vs Strathmore  
  B Reserve 2 Glencairn vs Bulla Village  
    Oak Park vs Sunbury  
  B Reserve 3 Airport West vs Hadfield  
    Buckley Park vs Moomba Park  
  B Reserve 4 Keilor vs Keilor Park  
    Sydenham vs Buckley Park  
  B Reserve 5 Oak Park vs Craigieburn  
    Tullamarine vs Maribyrnong Park  
  C Special 1 Moomba Park vs Hume  
    Keilor East vs Sydenham  
  C Special 2 Buckley Park vs Diggers Rest  
    Airport West vs Green Gully  
  C Special 3 Princes Hill vs Westmeadows  
    Moomba Park vs Greenvale  
  C Special 4 Sydenham vs Taylors Lakes  
    Keilor East vs Craigieburn  
  C Special 5 Coburg vs St John Bosco  
    Taylors Lakes vs St Thereses  
  C Grade 1 Hadfield vs Glencairn  
    Craigieburn vs Merlynston  
  C Grade 2 Tullamarine vs Delahey  
    Hillside vs OLN  
  C Grade 3 Keilor East vs Essendon  
    St Vincents vs Greenvale  
  C Grade 4 Keilor East vs Avondale Heights  
    West Brunswick vs Strathmore  
  C Reserve 1 Mt Carmel vs Craigieburn  
    St Vincents vs Greenvale  
  C Reserve 2 Sydenham vs St Vincents  
    Oak Park vs East Coburg  
  C Reserve 3 Delahey vs Taylors Lakes  
    Oak Park vs OLN  
  C Reserve 4 Deer Park vs Doutta Galla  
    Westmeadows vs Delahey  
  D Special Hadfield vs Tullamarine  
    Airport West vs Keilor Park