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Semi Final and Grand Final Requirements
Host Clubs
Responsibilities The host club is responsible for arranging a person to:-
  -  Open the premises early in order for play to start at 7.00 pm
  -  Allocate courts for each match (unless specified on the finals draw)
  -  Remain at the premises during the entire Finals Match
  -  Provide court lighting
  -  Make crockery and hot water available to competing teams
  -  Close the premises
Competing Teams
Start of Match All players are to arrive in time to permit a prompt start at 7.00 pm
Refreshments Each competing team is responsible for its own refreshments and cleaning up
Balls Each competing team must provide one pair of new balls as adopted by the Association.  A second pair should be available in case replacements are needed
Umpiring No provision has been made for umpiring by neutral clubs.  If required by one of the Captains, matches will be umpired by the competing teams and share equally
Match Result Books Match result books are to be filled in completely before play commences.  Either competing team can supply the Match result book. 

The "home" team is the team that finishes in the No. 1 & 2 positions for Semi Finals and the highest position for Grand Finals.  The order can also be confirmed in the "Finals Draw"

Match results At the conclusion of each Finals match, the winning Captain must put the result online as usual. There is no need to phone through semi final or grand final results
Unfinished Matches Refer to By-Law 46 in your Fixture or on the website
Tie Break Refer to Page 2 in your Fixture or here